Top 10 tourist place in Europe

May 17, 2018 Shakil Al Mahfuz 0 comments

Europe is the most preferred destination by the tourist who wants to explore classic arts, large ancient building and stunningly rich history. People say that humanity and the art form totally blossomed in Europe. But, one cannot see the whole Europe without seeing the top 10 places first.  So, today we will count down the top 10 tourist place in Europe

Rome: Anyone who wants to enjoy wonderful fragrance, fine wine, beautiful satchel works and the birth place of arts then should go to Rome at least once in his life.

London: London, the home of William Shakespeare is perhaps one of the most visited places on earth. Indulge yourself in the royalty of this nation and feel nostalgia at its core.

If you want to go back to the root of all art history and monuments then Paris should be on top of your list. They say that Paris is the city of love and it’s time for you to judge that by yourself.

Florence: Florence is in the heart of Italy and they say that it is where all cultures meet.  Forget yourself in mouthwatering dishes, spectacular views and rich architectural beauty.

Prague: You will literally feel like you are in a fairy tale when you go to visit Prague.  The city is full of mystery and that is what attracts the visitors so much, the gothic feel of Prague will hunt you for days.

Venice: Come and experience the love of land and water in a wonderfully synchronized city. Venice is the ultimate destination for lovers all around the world.

Barcelona: All football fans might get excited by this entry.  Eat 100 percent organic food, roam around ancient museums and enjoy the beach and the warm white sand.

Vienna: Vienna is considered to be the city of music. From the wonderfully haunting church bells and the beautifully designed monarchs, the city will take you back in time.

Madrid: If you have no worries with the budget constraints and want to spend your heart out then there can be no better choices than Madrid. Luxurious hotels, amazing night out destinations and vivid architecture is bound to steal your heart.

Seville: Explore the true Spanish heritage and culture in the city of Seville. Enjoy aromatic food, flamenco dance and the very traditional sport of bull fighting.

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