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Shatabdi Aviation is a privately held tour/travel arrangement agency specializing in catering to people looking for exclusive religious tours and holiday packages and guiding travelers in an unknown land.

The Story That Made Shatabdi Aviation

Before we began offering these services, we had used to be a group of backpackers roaming about the cities, suburbs and countryside regions. We are privileged to explore the unknown and the unseen that have soothed our eyes and inspired us to make sure the like-minded people do not get deprived of the dazzling beauties we have enjoyed over the years. All these idyllic sensations couldn't limit our devotion; rather, these feelings augmented our sense of purification and submission through holy pilgrims. These two passions conjoined, and we discovered a unison of peace and thrill amid sanctitude.

The Mission That Awakens Us

But to be honest, we faced a lot of hassles while traveling. Our sufferings increased when it was our Hajj tour. In fact, planning a Hajj/Umrah is more of a detailed duty than just paying the cash for services. There are several other issues that work together to make your journey/tour a difficult undertaking.   At some point, we became aware of a great duty toward people. Why don't we do something that helps people receive the sublimity of both: traveling and pilgrims? The answer came easy, and we didn't ask for another reason to do what we do today. We took a solemn vow to make what we do easier for people.   But, after starting the new journey, we began to realize that we had to spend a significant amount of time and energy to get things set up, so our fellow brothers who love recreational traveling, or holy tours to submit to Allah could find it easy to make a journey. This realization created in us a thought that crossed our unaware minds and led us to form a venture because we got the realization that our mission couldn't be fulfilled if we don't take this so ardently as is required.  

What We Do

We do guide the best solution for travel such as solo travel, corporate travel, honeymoon travel, group travel, travel for students, adventure travel. When anyone thinks to travel or make a leisure period or think about a vacation, we besides them. We suggest them for the best way to complete the tour. Also help them different types of tips, location details, and the best thing is the cheapest way of travel. Also, help those travelers regarding best season of traveling same as best options for traveling. Different kinds of food are special for different place and destinations, we also suggest them or guide them for the best. In one-word Shatabdi Aviation is the complete package solution for a tourist.

Pilgrims is the holiest part of religion. We guide pilgrims to the best way to complete their religious part. From the initial to the end of Hajj packages or Umrah packages we are here to guide pilgrims. How to do registration, what kind of information and documents needed, where to go – everything we guide with an expert assistance. We also do help the pilgrims in Macca & Medina such as the best transportation, assist with best food service, additional tours like others countries or the others holy places in Hajj & Umrah. In one word the total arrangements for pilgrims will take care of Shatabdi Aviation. We are not cliché service provider like others, we tried to do something more for our clients. Which we did last several years, our honorable client's testimonial for that. Air ticketing, hotel booking & reservation in another focusing part for us. The cheapest air flight searching & figure out the best travel airway is the research for us. Accordingly, top hotel search over the world takes us in the different level in the travel world. That’s why our people, our customer certified us that Shatabdi Aviation is the best travel agency in Bangladesh, there is no way to doubt.  

The Vision That Keeps Us Working

All we wanted to make sure is people have a great tour with a very affordable budget missing nothing they could hope for. Thanks to Allah......we have made it. Till today, we have been able to be a good part of several success stories which are the greatest testimony of our experience in the business. We envision a process on a day when people have their Hajj trips and holiday tours without any serious obstacles. We also look forward to expanding our arrangements for new areas both at home and abroad while ensuring more convenient arrangements for pilgrims and bringing in innovative tour ideas.
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Meet The Team

Shamim Al Mamun

Chief Executive Officer

Masudur Rahman

Manager, Administration

Shakil Al Mahfuz

Manager, Sales & Marketing

Nazmul Hasan

Operation Manager

Why We Are The Best

Comfortable Travel

It is in our core that we do everything to ensure on every occasion that you've the best and genuinely splendid tour experience with us.

Plan for Customers

Since we believe our efforts are successful when our customers are happy, each phase of our tour planning is tailored to your need.

Secure Payment

We're proud to offer our respected customers a fast, secure, and reliable procedure that processes each payment with no hidden charges.